Stellar - Cry Lyrics

Baby I don’t wanna cry
( Brave sound let’s go get it )

Why is the weather outside so nice
Unlike my heart?
Today, I resent you even more
But so quickly, I miss you again

I wanna go back to those days
When you looked at me and brightly smiled
I I I wanna love you
That’s it babe, but where are you?

I was listening to a song then I cried so hard
Cried endlessly cuz it sounded like my story
I had a drink and then I cried so hard
Because I remembered the past, oh babe

I was eating then I cried so hard
Because I thought of you, I couldn’t swallow
Because I thought of you, I couldn’t sleep
I’m crying because..

Do you know how I cry so easily?
How are you these days after you left me?
Without you, so much of me has changed
Without you, I cried every night

I prayed again today
That I would see you in my dreams

When I wake up, I’ll cry again
Because I miss you

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