100% - Better Day Lyrics

You were more potent than anything
It’s good that we broke up
But even if you were poison
This place without you doesn’t feel right

I wanna go back to your lips
When you sweetly melted me
To the day I swore that I’ll only look at you

Even if it hurts so strongly
I will go back to you
Though I know it’s crazy
I will go look for you

I’m addicted to you
This fatal poison spread deeply in me
I think your existence
Is the only reason I live
I’m going crazy
My reflection in the mirror looks like a beggar
I wanna lay next to you again

I wanna go back
Give me a chance to hurt again
Bury your scar in me
Because you’re the place I need to stay

Though I know it’s crazy
I will go look for you

I wanna turn back time
Finally, I’m chasing after your shadow
That has already left
Then I’m looking for your traces
Though I sway when I get drunk
Why do my footsteps start walking to your house?

I wanna go back
Even if it’s an obvious end
Even if the same answers repeat
Because I exist for you

No matter who tries to stop me
I will go to you somehow
Even if I walk through dangerous fields of thorn
I will go to you again

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