AOA ( an acronym for Ace of Angels; Korean: 에이오에이 ) is a South Korean idol girl group and band, produced by FNC Entertainment. These groups are constructed of a band with 5 members ( Choa, Jimin, Yuna, You kyung and Mina ) name AOA Black and an idol group consisting of 7 members ( all members excluding You kyung ). The groups debuted on July 30, 2012 with their single album Angel's Story.

Jimin - Leader, Dancer, Rapper, Guitarist
Choa - Main Vocalist, Dancer, Guitarist
Yuna - Dancer , Keyboardist, Vocalist
Mina - Rapper , Bassist , Dancer
You Kyung - Vocalist , Drummer
Seolhyun - Dancer , Sub Vocalist
Hyejeong - Dancer, Sub-Vocalist
Chanmi - Dancer, Maknae, Sub-Vocalist
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